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How publishers are using Instagram Stories

Not long after Instagram debuted Stories, a very ‘Snapchatty’ feature that allows users to share slideshows of images and video independently of their profiles, publishers have pounced on the opportunity to show off some more off-beat storytelling.

Vogue U.K. has been posting short Stories each day, providing office tours and behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shoots. Posts related to the next issue usually do well, and similarly on Instagram they’re getting “tens thousands of views within hours,” said editor Lucy Hutchings.

“We have found that views initially appear to be higher for Stories than those on video posts and exceed the average number of likes we see on a photo post,” added Hutchings.

Bloomberg UK has done just one Instagram Story for Super Thursday, a quarterly event when the Bank of England announces its latest view on the state of the economy.

Bloomberg wouldn’t say how many views it got but said 28 percent of those who viewed watched the Story all the way through, which isn’t surprising given the format just came out.

“On Facebook, videos people usually watch for the first 15 seconds or so, then the viewership drops off a cliff,” said Kevin Young, Bloomberg’s social media editor. “We’re seeing much stronger results with Instagram.”

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