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How Instagram’s “shop now” button is shaking up publishers’ ecommerce strategies

For publishers to remain nimble in the ever-changing landscape, it’s crucial that they experiment with an array of diverse content on a multitude of social platforms simultaneously. There’s no silver bullet for success, so it behooves publishers to continuously work to discover the unique, winning formula that best engages their audience.

This past March, Instagram opened the “Shop Now” tool to thousands of retailers. Undoubtedly, the highly buzzed-about button will play a pivotal role in the way social media impacts shoppers’ path to purchase. But looking deeper, it’s merely a means, not a solution.

In the current landscape, fewer and fewer people are going directly to a site’s homepage, which makes social platforms essential to the ecommerce space. The integration of commerce and social, in theory, enables advertisers and publishers to monetize an increasingly mobile audience that they may miss otherwise. This shift has publishers fervently exploring how to turn theory into revenue.

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