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How has the UK consumer magazine industry evolved? — The Media Roundup

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How has the UK consumer magazine industry evolved?

Mostly it’s tried to find new ways to talk about itself without mentioning the word magazine. Yes, yes, that’s just me indulging my pet peeve; the industry has evolved massively in the 20 years or so that Press Gazette has charted in this piece.

But the lengths some magazine execs will go to to deny where they came from is a reinvention effort worthy of Hyacinth Bucket. Apparently 90% of respondents to a 2021 survey by the PPA said “magazine” was not the best word to describe their organisation. According to Ender’s Douglas McCabe they’d much rather be known as passion businesses, hobby businesses or audience businesses. Sigh!

How has the UK consumer magazine industry evolved?

This article is well worth reading to see the incredible change that the magazine business has engineered and endured over the last couple of decades. And there’s no doubt that it’s not about print on paper anymore, but I really do wish this new magazine industry could get comfortable with its past.

So you think your media company knows Gen Z?

Terrifyingly, Gen Z is swiftly moving into adulthood – the oldest Zoomers are now 24 years old. Pointing to TikTok’s success, what should news organisations be thinking about when it comes to products for this generation? INMA has been asking Rachel Richardson, who spent six years as head of editorial at Snap and 12 years at News UK, about this up-and-coming generation.

3 reasons publishers need a dedicated YouTube strategy

Damian Radcliffe is reminding us that we should probably have a specific strategy for YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube strategy already, he has three good reasons why you need to sit down and figure one out.

Bauer Media’s heat launches seven-minute podcast ‘The heat 7’

Celebrity and gossip magazine heat (I hate that lower case H) is launching an ultra short-format podcast in early September. Bauer is building on brand extensions that already include heat radio and the heat Extra mobile app. The podcast is being produced in collaboration with The Smart 7 daily news podcast created by production house Daft Doris.

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