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How do publishers deploy their (shrinking) staff?

As print revenue continues to shrink, legacy publishers are facing the question (again) of how to deploy their (also shrinking) staffs.

In the early days of the web, print publishers had digital operations that were separate from their print teams, and often considered second-class; understandable, considering most of their money was and is still being made on print. Over time, most newsrooms integrated their print and digital operations. They’re not abandoning the mantra of integration; that’s a luxury few can afford anyway. But recent moves reflect a growing recognition that each channel has its distinct needs.

The moves take different forms. Time Inc. has a growing number of people who work just on digital. Last week, the magazine giant created digital desks to improve sharing of stories across 10 content areas. “It’s recognizing that audiences move around the web in ways that aren’t always brand-centric, and it’s different from picking up a copy of a magazine,” said Edward Felsenthal, group digital director at Time Inc.

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