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How 4 publishers are using podcasts to enhance their brands: The Media Roundup

How four publishers are using podcasts to enhance their brands

Launching a podcast can be an intimidating prospect for publishers. Editorial resources, concepts and marketing strategies all need to be carefully thought through to ensure the product resonates with listeners. But if done well, podcasts can not only enhance a brand’s existing content offering; it can bring in a whole new audience hungry for more.

Ahead of the Publisher Podcast Summit on October 5th, we asked four of the speakers what opportunities audio had opened up for them. BuzzFeed’s Ada Enechi, The Telegraph’s Cara McGoogan, Women’s Running’s Esther Newman and Tortoise’s Alice Sandelson explain how they’ve benefited from the podcast boom and what it’s added to their brands.

My favourite piece of wisdom is from Esther Newman who explained to us that podcasts “made us understand that adding a podcast (or any channel) to your output doesn’t necessarily grow your existing audience. It provides you with a new one, which needs individual nurturing.”

What happened when we disabled Google AMP at Tribune Publishing? Shockingly little

The Chicago Tribune’s Kurt Gessler is sharing the results of an experiment in shutting off Google AMP. It’s an interesting data-led read – and is something of a sequel to a few similar studies from earlier in the year which found a similar lack of impact.

They were some of the last journalists at their papers. Then came the layoffs

You can get desensitised to news of journalists getting laid off. It happens with such regularity that after a while it becomes almost background noise. But we shouldn’t look away; we should instead be staring directly at the impact this will have on the ability of journalism to hold the powerful to account – and finding ways to compensate for the losses.

Twitter adds podcasts to live audio tab

I’m halfway through an article for the analysis section of the Media Voices site about how the podcasting game is YouTube’s to lose. This latest news – that Twitter will start recommending and streaming podcasts directly to users – isn’t going to drastically alter the direction of the piece, but it is another data point that suggests other tech companies are pressing the accelerator slightly faster than YouTube in terms of podcasts.

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