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Google quietly tests new way for publishers to monetize websites: The Media Roundup

The Washington Post invests in climate coverage as its team expands to over 30 journalists

The Washington Post is recognising the desire for climate coverage among both audience and advertisers, and is expanding its climate coverage team. It’s a welcome sign that climate is a growth segment for publishers, and the increased scrutiny should hopefully start to create some real change among the politicians we cover. Digiday’s Sara Guaglione writes:

“The team’s growth is also part of a strategy Krissah Thompson, managing editor of diversity and inclusion at the Post laid out back in February to produce more visual, data-driven and explanatory stories as well as social media content. In June, an Instagram account was created to house The Post’s climate coverage. That account has more than 35,000 followers, compared to 6.3 million followers for the Post’s main Instagram account.”

Google quietly tests new way for publishers to monetize websites

This, err, doesn’t seem especially new to me: “The Rewarded Ad Gate will serve up to a visitor on their fifth page view of each month. If the visitor chooses to view a short ad, a video or image ad will play for 30 seconds or less.” All for trying things, but this seems to hearken back to the old school of interruptive ads.

How to reduce the risks of launching a subscription strategy

How can you launch a subscription strategy without putting your traffic, SEO, advertising revenue and your reader’s view at risk? It’s a question that a lot of publishers have asked themselves. Madeleine White takes a look at how to navigate it.

Twitter’s $5bn-a-year business hit as Elon Musk clashes with advertisers

In addition to the slow failure of many of its core systems, inability to deal with disinformation at scale, and the botched rollout of verification, Musk is now reportedly ringing the heads of brands and advertisers to whinge about them pausing spend on the platform. Sterling work, sure to fix everything.

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