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Google & OpenX release study showing publishers experience 48% revenue lift through Google Exchange Bidding collaboration

OpenX and Google have announced the results of a year long collaboration with Google’s Exchange Bidding product, a server-to-server technology that enables stronger dynamic competition for a publisher’s ad inventory. The results showed that existing OpenX publisher partners who enabled Exchange Bidding through the OpenX Exchange experienced an average 48% increase in programmatic revenue from OpenX.

OpenX began partnering with Google in 2016 to build a more transparent programmatic ecosystem on a global scale. More than 200 premium publisher partners are now receiving ads from OpenX via Google’s Exchange Bidding, with Google stating recently that publishers using Exchange Bidding have seen significant uplifts in programmatic revenue.

“We built Exchange Bidding on a foundation of trust and transparency, allowing us to collaborate openly to create an efficient solution that increases publisher revenue and advertiser opportunity. We understand that every exchange provides different value to publishers and advertisers and that’s why we’ve partnered with leading exchanges like OpenX, who are technically savvy, have a high bar for integrity, and are able to add value to the ecosystem, to help publishers get the most out of every impression,” said Sam Cox, group product manager, DoubleClick.