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German publishers oppose Google phase out of third-party cookies: The Media Roundup

German publishers oppose Google phase out of third-party cookies

Germany’s largest publishers are calling for the EU to intervene over Google’s plans to decommission third-party cookies. The complaint is basically that removing third-party cookies is a critical blow to how the industry generates revenue, stopping advertisers and publishers ‘analysing’ user preferences.

This is lazy from publishers who really just need to figure out a better way to keep tabs on their readers’ preferences than wholesale, indiscriminate tracking. Less intrusive and more effective ways for publishers to gain audience insights are out there – the industry just needs to invest in them. And other browsers have done it already, so—

Of course, there are valid concerns about how Google will control the data it will continue to collect and this Twitter thread from Jason Kint outlines them. But not ditching third-party cookies? Please make it stop.

Is the media doomed?

Politico Magazine has used its 15th birthday as an excuse to ask some experts what media will look like in the next 15 years. The result is a wild ride of gloomy pessimism in which we’re swamped by information and sink into a perpetual culture war and an optimistic re-balancing where the world rediscovers journalistic purpose helped by regulation and increased localism. Thankfully, I’m not a betting man.

Why is The Podcast Host interested in NFTs?

Good question and well answered by The Podcast Host in this post looking at the good, the bad and the ugly of NFTs. There is no doubt that some NFT plays are ‘glorified pyramid schemes’ but this focus on member-benefits while acknowledging the environmental downsides is exactly the kind of conversation podcasters and publishers need to be having about this technology.

Magazine media in 2022

This magazine industry round up from Magnetic makes for much easier reading. Five senior publishers share their thoughts on what advertisers and agencies can look forward to from magazine media brands in 2022. The post-pandemic optimism is palpable.

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