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GDPR For Publishers: The Lawyer’s View (Podcast)

With GDPR on the very near horizon, the need for publishers to clarify their legal obligations and implement them is essential. WNIP met with one of the world’s most respected GDPR specialists, Gabriel Voisin, a partner of international law firm Bird & Bird LLP for a special one-off podcast on the subject.

Hosted at Bird & Bird’s City of London offices, Gabriel responds to questions including:

  • How do I, as a publisher, respect the data subject’s rights?
  • How should the publisher and the advertising partners they work with be classified between data controller and data processor?
  • If a partner establishes themselves as a processor, who is liable for all reader data collected and transferred? For example, if they pass that information downstream to another partner, am I responsible for that data?
  • How do I know that my partners are GDPR compliant?
  • Are there publisher options on how to collect the data needed for subscriptions or does this open up additional risk due to even more personal data being collected for payment?
  • How do I prevent something I haven’t approved from happening on my page? For example, if an advertiser embeds tracking within the creative.
  • What is an adequate consent approach?
  • How will the regulations differ between B2B and B2C publishers?