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Future Publishing’s ‘trilogy’ of strengths: Community, context, consumer journey

A silver lining of the ongoing disruption of publishing is that it’s forcing publishers to reappraise their strengths and weaknesses. Media companies no longer have the leeway to throw everything at the wall and to see what sticks. Instead, each and every one is looking at its historical strengths and attempting to double down on them, whether that be a renewed focus on expanding its sphere of influence, trading off expertise in a given area or pushing its accuracy and relevance.

For Future Publishing, British Media Award nominee in the Media Company of the Year category, that overall reappraisal has highlighted what its managing director Julian March describes as a ‘trilogy’ of strengths unique to the publisher.

“One of the things that I found really attractive about Future when I joined in the middle of last year is this, really, that we are really operating in passion points, and passion points are populated by passionate fans and by definition communities. We are part of that community we serve. We actually see ourselves almost at peer-level within those communities. We have to play our part within them.

“We’re also very conscious that our audience have a level of expertise as well. For instance, the PC Gamer audience is so engaged in PC gaming that we’ve got be really careful that what we write stands up to scrutiny but also that we’re really welcoming and adoptive of the luminaries and great opinion-formers and build those into our communities.”


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