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Fundamentals of fundraising and sustainability in media: 12-week course from News Revenue Hub

News Revenue Hub partners with Solutions Journalism Network to provide revenue sustainability training for newsrooms

News Revenue Hub, a nonprofit that provides critical technology infrastructure and consulting services to newsrooms seeking greater financial sustainability, is leading a 12-week revenue and sustainability course for Solutions Journalism Network collaboratives that are part of The Local Media Project, an initiative launched to strengthen and reinvigorate local media ecosystems. 

Formed by media organizations operating in the same city or geographic region, the collaboratives of The Local Media Project choose a pressing challenge facing their community and report on it with a goal to change the prevailing narrative around the issue, while also equipping communities with the knowledge necessary to envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world. 

While collaboratives can choose whether to continue the project independently upon completion of the two-year residency, the groups must have a plan to financially sustain themselves as those who continue their work often rely on major donations from philanthropy, decreasing the likelihood of long-term sustainability.

News Revenue Hub’s course walks these collaboratives through the fundamentals of fundraising and sustainability in media. The curriculum, designed by News Revenue Hub staff, includes guidance on how to fundraise, diversify revenue, set goals, design community-centered products and grow their audience. 

Solutions Journalism Network chose to work with News Revenue Hub because of its outstanding reputation for supporting local news organizations that work to shore up financial support for their futures.

Amy Maestas, director of Local Media Project

Projects include the Great Salt Lake Collaborative — made up of 23 news, education and media organizations — focused on how Utah’s Great Salt Lake is drying up and what can be done to make a difference, and the now-independent Charlotte Journalism Collaborative focused on solutions to address the affordable housing crisis in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The team at Solutions Journalism Network know how to make collaborations work. This leads to some really amazing things from an editorial perspective.

We want to help their collaborations think about what they need to do to be sustainable on their own and help set them up for success once they complete their grants.

Rachel Glickhouse, director of Learnings and Labs at News Revenue Hub

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