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Four media tech trends that aren’t going away

Many predictions about how technology will shape the media business were made when we hosted the FUSE Media Summit last year. Yet in the eight months since, a handful of these ideas are proving to have sustaining impact on how publishers do business.

Here we revisit a panel discussion featuring three executives from IBM Marketing Cloud,, and BlueConic sharing their ideas on the technology trends that will disrupt and uplift the publishing business. Topping their lists are personalization, artificial intelligence, savvy tech integration, and quality content.

Following are some of the key takeaways from that discussion. Panelists include Per Caroe, global marketing evangelist at IBM Marketing Cloud; Cory Munchbach, VP of marketing at BlueConic; and Sachin Kamdar, CEO and co-founder of

  1. AI will allow publishers to understand and act on data at scale

The accelerating factor behind personalization is artificial intelligence (AI), said Caroe. AI allows publishers to personalize the reading experience at scale. Rather than needing to hire several data scientists to manually analyze audience data and target content to readers, publishers can implement AI to perform these tasks more quickly and efficiently, said Caroe.

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