Audience Engagement Platforms
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The Financial Times is using YouTube to boost subscriptions

The FT knows that video plays a role in driving subscriptions: If an anonymous user on interacts with a video on either the first or second visit, they have a higher propensity to subscribe compared to someone who doesn’t.

The issue is the volume of subscriber conversions is small, so the FT is increasing the amount of relevant video in articles to better understand how effective video is at driving conversions.

According to the FT, videos that drive the highest click-through rate tend to be series of videos explaining a dense topic, like blockchain or cryptocurrencies, with roughly 10 percent of the publisher’s referral traffic coming from social platforms, according to SimilarWeb.

All video on also appears on its YouTube channel, while select videos are published to Facebook. The videos posted to Facebook tend to be summary clips with subtitles that run under two minutes; the publisher has also started posting these on after noticing they perform well when embedded in articles.

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