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Facebook will start bypassing adblockers on desktops

Facebook is starting to bypass adblockers on its desktop website, in the company’s first major foray into the war between advertisers and those who would see an internet without any advertising at all.

Between them, Facebook and Google control an astonishing 64% of the digital advertising market, but that doesn’t mean the two companies are immune to the prevailing trend, which has seen usage of adblockers double in just over two years.

Facebook will only be bypassing adblockers on the desktop version of its website for now, meaning users of mobile adblockers will continue to experience an ad-free version. But the vast majority of Facebook’s mobile users use the company’s apps, which are largely immune to adblockers. The company, which hasn’t disclosed how it will be bypassing the adblockers’ technology, is now likely to find itself embroiled in an arms race with adblocking firms themselves.

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