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Facebook targets emerging markets

Facebook competes on an additional level with Snapchat with another “clone” that is targeted specifically for emerging markets. Can Facebook beat Snapchat to its future growth markets?

Facebook is launching another Snapchat clone, a standalone ephemeral picture and video messaging app — complete with face-distorting masks — that looks almost identical to Snapchat.

We’ve seen this play out before. Twice, in fact. In both instances — first with Poke, then with Slingshot — Facebook’s attempt to create a legitimate Snapchat competitor flopped.

Regardless, this much is clear: Facebook is trying to beat Snapchat to emerging markets, where it doesn’t already have a stranglehold on potential users. Facebook may not be able to win over American teens this late in the game — Snapchat already has 60 million daily users in the U.S. and Canada. But what about those in Brazil? Or Indonesia? Or India?

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