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TMB and Theta Labs launch exclusive NFT collectibles for The Pet Collective

The collaboration follows the instantaneous success of its first NFT collection for FailArmy

TMB (Trusted Media Brands) – the media company engaging more than 200 million consumers worldwide across streaming TV, social media, web and print – has already experienced strong success with NFTs > its first NFT drop for FailArmy sold out in just one second. Continuing to capitalize on its momentum, it’s now releasing its next exclusive collection for The Pet Collective.

TMB is announcing the debut of its exclusive NFT collection with Theta Labs for The Pet Collective, one of the largest animal-based media brands in the world with over 47 million social followers and the largest pet account on TikTok. The collectibles are available for purchase on Theta Lab’s premiere video and entertainment marketplace ThetaDrop.

The drop follows the success of TMB and Theta Labs’ first NFT collection for FailArmy, which sold out in one second.

TMB sold 1,023 NFTs in 1 second at $20 each and according to Theta, “Most of the FailArmy NFT packs have been ‘opened’ (98%) – a higher percentage than we’ve ever seen before.”

TMB’s latest collection is curated for the modern pet parent and features heartwarming and hysterical animal moments found on the internet. 

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“As the media landscape continues to evolve, we are constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries of next-generation digital storytelling,” said Jacob Salamon, vice president of business development at TMB.

Theta Labs’ blockchain, which is purpose-built for video, provides a unique platform for creator-focused media brands like ours that are fueled by viral content that is discovered and curated across the Internet.

ThetaDrop enables us to mint some of the most recognizable moments on the Web as NFTs for our audiences and the wider world to own and collect — and for our video owners to earn as a result. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Jacob Salamon, TMB

TMB’s second NFT drop leverages Theta’s Web3 video infrastructure and blockchain platform to bring 10 iconic viral videos from The Pet Collective’s library into a limited-edition set of 1,023 digital collectibles for fans, pet-lovers, and NFT enthusiasts.

“Theta Labs is thrilled to help publishers increase their view times, fan engagement, and brand loyalty among tech-savvy users through our end-to-end decentralized products,” said Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs.

We’ve been quite pleased with the engagement from our collectibles and content partnership with TMB’s FailArmy; this is just the beginning for Theta bridging media and entertainment into Web3 for our upcoming Metachain launch.

Mitch Liu, Theta Labs

To view The Pet Collective NFT collectibles visit