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Essential white paper released for publishing professionals working with out-of-house providers

BookMachine, working on behalf of Just Content, have produced a new White Paper for the publishing industry with vital information and advice on tapping into the freelance talent pool. Aimed at editorial managers, the paper caters to anyone involved in conducting team projects within publishing.

The White Paper focuses on making best use of both freelancers and packagers – out-of-house publishing service providers who can handle a myriad of tasks. The advantages of working with out-of-house staff can include applying unique expertise to a project, cost-saving, quick turnaround on small tasks and guaranteed resource on long-term projects. The White Paper notes that new digital technologies have created huge opportunities for flexible working, and recommends a number of tools and strategies to enable publishers to run projects smoothly using freelancers as a resource.

Key areas for consideration when employing freelancers are also discussed, including when to outsource rather than invest in-house, how to match projects to out-of-house providers, being aware of potential tax compliance pitfalls, and managing the evaluation process. Contributors include Lib Wright (Hodder Education), Abbie Headon (Summersdale), Stephen Baker (Pearson), Charles Catton (Amber Books) and Simon Collinson (Canelo) among others.

With evidence that the freelance market is expanding both within and outside of publishing, the white paper is a timely guide to making use of the industry’s growing flexible resource.

To download the White Paper, click on the link: