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Effective data boosts readership and engagement

“Editorial teams rarely have the time or expertise to examine complex data and make quick decisions. What they need is information on content performance that’s easy to understand and quick to use, in one place.”

A separate dashboard for each editorial role saves from drowning in data and provides applicable insights. Social media use now accounts for more than a quarter of time spent online, leaving news publishers in fierce competition with other content providers for the remaining attention of internet users.

For online news publishers, increasing user volumes and time spent on their sites is vital. But readers are becoming more selective – so, how do publishers ensure audiences keep coming back?

Through working with more than 300 news brands, editorial analysts at IO developed a series of eight user-friendly dashboards to help editorial departments manage and enhance their content performance.

This article will outline how the technology helps news businesses and look at three specific examples from CN Group in the UK, global new tech firm Genesis Media, and Forbes’ European operation.

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