Digital Publishing
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Edition Digital’s Newsstand solution stands out

The monetisation of digital content and magazines is one of the biggest challenges every publisher faces today. The dilemma is whether to launch and manage your own online store or to sell on established marketplaces such as the Apple Appstore, Google Play and Amazon.

Millions of users browse these marketplaces every day and publishers can undoubtedly benefit from this potential audience. But it comes at a cost: the stores will typically keep 30 – 40% of the sale price and publishers get no data about who bought their product as the buyers’ database is owned by, for example, Apple and not the publisher.

This valuable data could be used to improve marketing strategy and enhance the product. It can also be hard to reach your audience in a crowded marketplace. Having a magazine app sit next to the thousands of other apps available makes it hard to stand out.

Edition Digital’s Newsstand enables publishers to establish their very own online store in a matter of minutes. It enables you to manage all registered users, orders, and content from one place. In addition, users are able to view their content on the web as well as through native apps, regardless of where the purchase was made. It solves many of problems publishers have had with cross platform selling.

The Newssstand solution lets the publisher keep all the proceeds as well as the data. All digital publications are available in one place, where they’re easy to follow, read, and share. The Edition Digital solution also allows the user to sell single copies and individual articles, subscriptions or memberships on a responsive web page and through native apps at the same time. All this with money paid directly to their PayPal account, and with no coding or start-up costs.