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Echobox launches the world’s first Facebook page grader for publishers

Despite the complicated relationship between publishers and platforms, Facebook still drives significant traffic for publishers, generating a colossal 90% of social referral traffic to publisher and media websites over the last year. 

A key problem to date, however, has been how publishers can evaluate their performance and benchmark it against other publishers. Indeed, while tracking performance metrics on individual posts is helpful, publishers get greater benefit from an overarching view of Facebook page performance from a 360-degree perspective, as they can then identify trends and broader issues that may be hindering their Facebook traffic. 

One solution launched this week aims to address this problem. Echobox, the AI-powered social publishing platform used by hundreds of publishers worldwide, has launched its Facebook Grader, a free tool that provides publishers with an instant in-depth report on its Facebook page health and performance gaps. 

The first tool of its kind available for free, the Facebook Grader uses Echobox’s advanced AI technology to attribute a health score to each Facebook Page. It detects instances of penalization from Facebook, harmful gaps in posting intervals, and cases where peak traffic times were missed.

By analyzing factors including the frequency, volume and timing of Facebook shares, the Facebook Grader also identifies new opportunities for publishers to boost traffic and offers tailored recommendations for improvement. Publishers can additionally use the Facebook Grader to gauge the performance of competitors’ Facebook Pages and gain insight into their sharing strategies. 

Antoine Amann, CEO of Echobox, says: “Many publishers are leaving traffic on the table every single day. This free tool shows how publishers can improve their Facebook presence and provides specific examples of missed traffic opportunities.”

The Facebook Grader: