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DoubleVerify introduces industry’s first Publisher Inventory Compatibility Score

DoubleVerify, the media measurement, data, and analytics platform, has announced the industry’s first Publisher Inventory Compatibility Score (ICS) empowering publishers to better understand how their content is perceived by advertisers. 

The ICS is determined by analyzing top DV advertiser brand suitability settings in comparison with DV publisher’s pages. The scoring takes into consideration comprehensive controls, including keyword avoidance, and site and app lists, as well as content categories that are deemed unsuitable by the brands. By having a transparent understanding of settings selected by buyers, publishers can better match inventory to specific brands.

ICS will give publishers a sense of the suitability of their inventory at both the site and page levels. For each page, a publisher will be able to see their overall score as well as a breakdown of keyword, category and inclusion/exclusion compatibility. With transparency into under-performing topics and keywords, DoubleVerify hopes that its ICS can assist publishers in improving their fill rate and pricing.

ICS will also allow publishers to drill down into their score for each advertiser vertical. An ‘Advertiser Vertical’ chart shows the score for each vertical while a ‘Category Suitability’ chart displays the distribution of suitable categories for the selected vertical. This feature can help publishers identify new sales opportunities, by pinpointing advertiser verticals where content is most relevant.

Demonstrating and quantifying the premium nature of inventory to prospective clients has been a persistent challenge for publishers. With DV’s new scoring system, publishers can now showcase the precise value of their inventory to digital advertisers and maximize their revenue yield.

Mimi Wotring, Senior Vice President of Publisher Sales and Client Services, DoubleVerify

According to DoubleVerify, the publisher verticals with the strongest overall scores are sports publishers, technology publishers and lifestyle publishers, whilst the strongest combination scores of publisher and advertisers respectively are:

  • Sports Publishers score best with Automotive, CPG & Travel Advertisers – (9.2 – 9.4 Scoring Range)
  • Technology Publishers score best with Financial Services & CPG Advertisers – (9.1-9.3 Scoring Range)
  • Lifestyle Publishers score best with Education, Automotive, Travel, Financial Services & CPG Advertisers – (8.4-8.7 Scoring Range)
  • Health Publishers score best with Education & CPG Advertisers – (8.3-8.7 Scoring Range)
  • Entertainment Publishers score best with Education Advertisers – (8.2 Score)
  • News Publishers score best with Travel & Education Advertisers – (6.5-6.7 Scoring Range)

Our data shows that while advertisers feel most confident advertising with sports, technology and lifestyle publications, publishers in other areas have advertiser sweet spots that they should be pursuing to maximize the value of their inventory.

Mimi Wotring, Senior Vice President of Publisher Sales and Client Services, DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify was, however, quick to point out that low scores don’t necessarily mean that publishers can’t sell inventory, rather it means that a “narrower set of buyers are going to be their target audience”. Wotring adds, “it’s important to remember that almost all content has a set of interested buyers, it’s just a matter of identifying them.”