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Dispatches from Cannes: Everything publishers need to know

Cannes LIONS is not an event for publishers.

At least that has been the prevailing view throughout most of the event’s 69 years, not helped by its close association with the Cannes Film Festival and its French Riviera images of yachts, red carpets, and Dom Pérignon champagne.

Fast forward to 2022 and this sentiment no longer holds true. Cannes LIONS is now a tech festival masquerading as an advertising creative festival, with almost the entire agenda driven by Big Tech.

Cannes is a window to the future and the place where many new technologies will be unveiled and trialed. Some will fail, just like Google Glass a few years ago, but some will succeed and they need to be on a publisher’s radar.

Juan Senor, President, INNOVATION Media Consulting and Cannes LIONS host

We spent the entire week at Cannes unpicking the major trends, unlocking the key innovations, and—between tropical downpours—talking and listening to some of the most influential voices in media.

Here’s our full coverage containing the week’s key themes, from the Attention Economy, Identity & Cookies, DEI and Talent, Sustainability, and more.