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“Digital advertising was up 25%”: Dow Jones on opportunities and challenges in a world of intermittent lockdowns

In the most recent FIPP Insider webinar, leading voices from Dow Jones spoke on some of the opportunities and challenges now facing publishers in a world of intermittent lockdowns.

The post lockdown – or at least intermittent lockdown – world will provide a blend of challenges and opportunities for media organisations. Many long-held business assumptions, strategies and product offerings will require re-evaluation and thought. 

FIPP President and CEO, James Hewes, was joined by three senior Dow Jones executives to discuss some of the work they have been doing to adapt to the changing media landscape. Speakers include:

  1. Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director
  2. Nick Pimm, VP of Commercial Partnerships
  3. Joe Martin, VP of Commercial Partnerships, APAC

The panel looked at how audiences have flocked to quality news during the time of the global coronavirus pandemic. Both the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and financial news publication Barron’s have seen record traffic and engagement figures.

The webinar also highlighted the results of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update, which shows that trust in traditional news media is at an all-time high, up seven per cent on the previous year.

Additional research from the Kantar Covid-19 Barometer 2020 shows that just eight per cent of consumers think that brands should stop advertising during the pandemic.

“Advertising has historically been an incredibly important revenue stream for us,” said Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director for Dow Jones. “We have three, which is why we talk about diverse revenue streams: advertising and sponsorship, membership and subscriptions, and our professional information business.”

So while the landscape has changed significantly over the last several years, you may have seen our latest quarterly earnings report, which showed that digital advertising was up 25 per cent.

Dow Jones has also achieved a great deal of success in recent years by forging strategic media partnerships throughout the world. During the webinar, the team underlines the fact that success through partnerships will also provide businesses with opportunities to evolve as ‘the new normal’ takes shape. 

You can view the webinar in full below. 

Jamie Gavin  @jaygavin