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Different metrics for measuring churn: The Media Roundup

Good morning from Esther in the UK, where the nation is mourning the passing of our Queen of over 70 years. Whatever your opinions may be on the monarchy, Elizabeth II was a figure of consistency and stability, and was seen by millions as representative of some of the best things about Britain.

She was a great proponent of carrying on with her job regardless of what else was going on, so in that spirit we’ll continue this newsletter as usual. Hopefully it’ll provide some respite from what is likely to be quite a relentless Royal news cycle.

Today’s top stories:

Playing with churn data

In this week’s edition of Thomas Baekdal’s newsletter, he looks at churn and the types of metrics you can use to think about churn in different ways. He also advocates finding a metric you can use to measure when people’s interest starts to drop, so they don’t churn in the first place.

The Telegraph Puzzles launches new digital home

The Telegraph has launched a new dedicated interactive Puzzles website for its popular puzzle portfolio. It marks the start of a wider digital transformation of the publisher’s puzzle portfolio, and (like the NYT) there’s also a standalone Puzzles subscription available.

Rolling Stone, NYU and YellowBrick are partnering to teach ‘Modern Journalism’

Rolling Stone, New York University and the online education platform Yellowbrick have joined forces to teach aspiring journalists. Modern Journalism is a six-part educational content series that will guide students through the history of the profession, and outline the current challenges journalists face.

How Daily Mail’s 35-strong Snapchat team connects with 15m subscribers

The Daily Mail’s Snapchat team is one of the publisher’s largest, and produces 60 Top Snaps every day of the week. Whatever you think of the Daily Mail’s coverage, their investment in social media is impressive – they’re one of the biggest newsbrands on TikTok and manage over 20 Facebook pages.

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