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Die Welt’s analytics tool gives articles a score to measure their impact

One and a half years ago, German daily newspaper Die Welt decided to change its approach to measuring the performance of its stories online, from focusing on the number of article visits to a model that took into account data from multiple sources.

The outlet, which is owned by Axel Springer, used to send people in the newsroom a list of the top 10 most clicked stories of the day before developing its in-house analytics tool called Article Score.

The tool takes into account five different elements, which are all weighted differently. Number of visits to an article can have a maximum score of 10, while engagement time, percentage of social media traffic, the number of video views and the bounce rate can only get up to five points each.

Article Score was built so that a lower number of visits to an article could be outnumbered by the other criteria included, the aim being to promote quality journalism and not “treat clicks as the only currency”.

Die Welt reaches some 15.7 million online readers every month, of which 8.3 million read its articles on mobile.

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