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Deep dive into the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot

FIPP’s webinar Insider series continues with the unveiling of the latest Global Digital Subscription Snapshot in partnership with CeleraOne. You can read key takeaways from the webinar – and download the report in full – below. 

FIPP President and CEO, James Hewes, was joined online by Tobias Henning of BILDplus and WELTplus at Axel Springer and CeleraOne’s Managing Director, York Walterscheid. The webinar provided the opportunity for a deep-dive into the report, including the impact of Covid-19 on the industry in the areas of: 

  • Content creation
  • Distribution and newsstand
  • Subscriptions
  • Web traffic spikes and the battle to monetise it
  • Events
  • Ad revenue
  • Government assistance to publishers

At a time where advertising has taken flight, physical events are a no-go and media around the world under severe pressure, digital subscriptions have become an even more critical consideration in the revenue mix than before. 

On the webinar, Axel Springer’s General Manager Premium BILDplus & WELTplus, Tobias Henning, was asked whether more Generation Z and Millennials were feeding the current subscription population, or if it was instead basically a case of Generation Z shifting from print to digital during the crisis? 

“I don’t think we are seeing anyone shift from print to digital anymore to be honest,” said Henning. “Because I would say, the digitisation from this point of view is over. So someone, after 25 years of the internet, who is still reading print will still read print. So we are not convincing people to shift from print to paid digital, but rather convincing our free digital users to get into a paid subscription.” 

And we have to convince much more of our younger audiences, because we see that these demographics are much more willing to pay. They grew up with Apple, Spotify, Netflix, and have learned that for great content on digital devices they have to pay.

The webinar also explored other key topics covered in the Digital Snapshot report, including:

  • The different types of paywalls
  • Top 10 subscription-based news media publications
  • Quarterly subscription growth of selected titles
  • The comparative size of leading Video on Demand (VOD) subscription services
  • Six steps for implementing a paywall

You can download the full FIPP and CeleraOne Global Digital Subscription Snapshot report for FREE here and the webinar slides here.

Jamie Gavin  @jaygavin