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Condé Nast joins digital forces

Condé Nast is joining NBC Universal and Vox Media to sell ads across their combined digital properties. It’s the latest move by publishers and TV conglomerates to better compete with digital advertising from the likes of Google and Facebook.

The addition of Condé Nast builds on what NBCU and Vox have already been doing over the past year, when they teamed up to create Concert, an advertising marketplace for high-quality content and its audiences.

The idea was to give advertisers greater reach among particular consumer groups than either company could provide alone. So a marketer trying to reach foodies, for example, could use Concert to buy ad inventory across NBCU digital content related to Bravo’s “Top Chef” and Vox’s

The addition of Condé Nast to Concert will give advertisers access to content and audiences from brands such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Vogue.

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