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Condé Nast Britain’s 18-person native ad team accounts for half its digital revenue

Condé Nast Britain has been in the native advertising business for years, but it has only had a dedicated team producing, distributing and selling it for the last six months. In that time, native advertising revenue has taken a considerable jump across its portfolio, which includes Wired, GQ and Vogue. This year, native accounted for half of its digital ad revenue, up from 25 percent in 2015. (The remainder comes from display advertising, programmatic and sponsorships.)

The publisher is planning more hires to the centralized custom-content team, which is currently 18 people spread across commercial, creative and production. In 2017, more roles will be added.

Much of the growth spurt in its native advertising revenue is due to the five data analysts on the team, according to Condé Nast group digital director Wil Harris. Their job is to work closely with clients on figuring out where and how to distribute and promote the content across platforms.

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