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BuzzFeed thinks it can make web ads people actually like

BuzzFeed is trying to make it a lot easier for big TV marketers to buy ads on its owned-and-operated properties.

The digital publisher is rolling out two new ads aimed at helping marketers produce ads that fit the look and feel of BuzzFeed without all the heavy lifting of having to create original content.

The first product allows brands to weave their messages into a BuzzFeed staple: quizzes. The team at BuzzFeed can now help an advertiser like Nickelodeon or Aldo craft a single question quiz, or ‘Mini Quizzes’ within a week – and push it out to its huge audience quickly.

The second product, BuzzCuts, may answer an even bigger need for marketers – a way to use their existing, typically expensive TV ads on BuzzFeed’s socially infused site and apps. Via BuzzCuts, BuzzFeed promises it can take a TV ad – or even a print ad – and turn it into a short video or gif-like visual that translates well to mobile phones.

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