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Brightcom’s WordPress Plugin for Ads.txt Files

Brightcom, an ad tech and multi-channel media company, has announced the public release of a new WordPress plugin aimed to help publishers with the laborious task of editing, updating and publishing their ads.txt files.

The initiative comes after Brightcom witnessed the struggles of ad-ops teams in publishers across the globe when dealing with Ads.txt. Indeed, according to recent reports, Ads.txt errors plague 16% of publishers and result in significant loss of revenue. These errors can be problematic, since ad buyers and their demand-side platforms (DSPs) are using ads.txt to filer unauthorized inventory across their programmatic campaigns.

A recent Brightcom survey with more than 100 publishers underlines this picture:

  • More than 70% of publishers said they don’t update their Ads.txt file as often as they would like.
  • More than 60% of publishers think the above causes them to generate less revenue than they could.
  • More than 80% of publishers blamed technical issues as the reason for not updating the file.

In light of this, Brightcom has developed a plugin for WordPress to allow publishers to edit their Ads.txt file from the WordPress dashboard, just like any other post.

The plugin not only enables publishers to publish the file with one click, but also analyses the file and alerts the user in case of errors or duplicate lines. The plugin also has a unique feature that lets technical staff ring-fence it and allow the ad-ops team to use it without risking other parts of the website.

The plugin is available for free on (here) and can be installed from any WordPress dashboard.