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Bright spot for Twitter: Publishers are seeing video views jump

News publishers say Twitter is growing as a source for video distribution and revenue.

Across three Twitter accounts for Business Insider and two sister publications, Business Insider attracted more than 6 million video views on Twitter in January, up from 1 million views six months ago, according to BI. Similarly, NowThis Media said it’s getting a “meaningful” amount of views on its Twitter videos, with the number growing “gradually and consistently month over month.” Mashable said its Twitter video views quadrupled in the past four months. A fourth publisher saw Twitter video views take off in January, receiving 13 times as many views last month as it did seven months ago.

“January 2017 was the moment where we all looked at each other and said Twitter is not an experiment anymore,” said Justin Maiman, executive editor of video for Business Insider. “It’s bringing enough views in that it can’t be ignored.”

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