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Audiences get the inside scoop with Times Insider

In a bid to be more transparent with audiences, The New York Times has launched Times Insider, an offering of podcasts, stories, events and newsletters that takes audiences behind the scenes and into the workings of the newsroom.

“We don’t want The New York Times to be this faceless place where nobody ever goes in and no one knows what’s happening there,” said Francesca Donner, director of Times Insider, The New York Times, at the Digital Innovators Summit in Berlin today (20 March).

“We are opening the fourth wall and bringing readers in as participants. We want to give readers the idea that we’re all in this crazy journalism together.”

Stories published on Times Insider are “like conversations with a friend”, she continued, which detail behind the scenes of a story, showing readers what it’s really like to cover the Ebola crisis, film a war zone in virtual reality, or cross a border with migrants.

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