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Apple rolls out privacy features ahead of GDPR

Apple has unveiled new privacy features to comply with the implementation of GDPR.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said that the tech giant will roll out four privacy management tools that will provide users the ability to obtain a copy of their data, request a correction of data and deactivate account or delete the account.

The tools, which will be available on the Apple ID account page, will be introduced in the EU in May and later rolled out globally. As part of the privacy features, rolled out as part of last week’s software upgrade to iOS 11.3, an icon appears on devices to show if the customer’s data is being used by applications.

The iPhone and iPad software now feature privacy icons that appear when an Apple feature seeks to use personal data. These icons will be seen as part of setup and the user can notice them in various features. The privacy icons also appear in the latest versions of MacOS computer software and tvOS software for Apple TVs.

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