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Amedia’s digital subscription success story

Norway’s largest local media company capitalised on digital subscriptions with a three stage plan by developing aID, a common log-in system that encouraged subscribers to develop digital habits and allowed the publisher to reach wider audiences.

Since 2013, Norway’s largest local media company has been successfully capitalising on digital subscriptions using its strengths as a publisher of 62 Norwegian newspapers.

Noticing a steady decline in advertising revenue, Amedia launched aID (Amedia ID) in April 2014, a log-in system that gives readers access to digital content and is commonly used across all its titles. As part of a three-stage plan, the publisher has been successfully converting existing print subscribers to digital, while collecting user data on registered non-subscribers, and this approach has given them a platform on which to up-sell while reaching out to a younger generation.

“Our company is a digital success story,” said Pal Nedregotten, executive vice president, digital, Amedia, explaining the titles now reach a combined 1.3 million Norwegians everyday – over a quarter of the country’s adult population.

“In 2013, the company had 15 years of experience with online newspapers, with 20 per cent year-on-year digital advertising growth, but the reach we were chasing was insufficient, and the digital advertising income in Norway was unable to finance local journalism as we had known it up to that point.”

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