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Amazon Prime now includes magazines to ‘borrow’

Amazon last Wednesday said it was adding a new feature to its Prime membership program in the United States: Subscribers to the $99-per-year plan now get access to more than 1,000 books, comics, magazines, and more on Kindle devices and apps for no added cost.

There are currently 42 magazine issues listed in the program, called Prime Reading, including familiar names like Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Consumer Reports. “Every month we choose a selection of top magazine issues for you to borrow as part of your Prime membership,” Amazon said. Users can download up to 10 titles at once.

It’s unclear how many users are actually interested in reading digitized (PDF) versions of print magazines on their phones, tablets, or e-readers — particularly with access to a limited number of issues, sometimes a few weeks old. (Think of it as the stack of magazines at your doctor’s office – not something likely to become a regular part of your daily routine.)

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