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Advertisers’ stories become more engaging with Flipboard’s new product

Flipboard announced a new ad product that should have marketers swiping right with approval.

Dubbed Storyboard, the new offering will allow brands to share an in-depth narrative by stitching together formats such as video, articles, images, gifs and sound.

Flipboard, an app that provides a magazine-like experience for readers by sharing stories they can flip through by swiping up or down, will also introduce a new gesture to its global user base of 90-million, as swiping left or right will now engage them with Storyboard ads.

If someone swipes right (or left) on an Audi ad, for example, she’ll be taken to a browsable carousel featuring video of the vehicle in action, interactive images of its interior and the ability to customize an actual Audi to their liking.

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