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Ads work better when they’re near relevant content: The Media Roundup

Ads work better when they’re near relevant content

MediaPost says digital publishers are being reminded of a truth that was common knowledge in the old print world: ads should appear near related content when possible. A study by DoubleVerify says 67% of online shoppers polled are more likely to pay attention to an ad if it is relevant to the content they are viewing. Am I allowed to say ‘No Shit Sherlock’?

Social media isn’t dead — it’s regenerating

Chris led on this story yesterday and, with a classic Dr Who reference, Adam Tinworth joins him in challenging the rumours around social media’s imminent demise. Adam’s point is that, despite the chaos that is enveloping the leading social platforms, some social media utilities are growing, particularly those that support ‘smaller discussions between more limited groups of like-minded people’. It’s evolution baby.

First-party cookies: ‘Get legal help to avoid fines’

New interpretations of privacy within the cookie law and GDPR will bring stricter supervision regarding how newsrooms analyse editorial data, according to a report in The advice is to collaborate with lawyers to craft a contract that asks premium members for permission to use tracking information to improve your products. Doesn’t sound scary at all.

Beyond the Twitter chaos, platforms and publishers re-evaluate their relationship

Our eighth episode looks at the major social media platforms, and how their relationship with publishers has fared after yet another tumultuous year. We’re joined by social media consultant and industry analyst Matt Navarra to explore the chaos at Twitter, Meta’s bad year and what it takes for publishers to succeed at TikTok.

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