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Ad tech round-up: What publishers need to know this month

Xaxis UK launched a new six-second ad format, Integral Ad Science verification is now available for Snapchat inventory, and Sublime Skinz rebrands to Sublime. Here are the top things that happened in ad tech from September that publishers need to know about:

Xaxis UK launched a new six-second ad format that has rolled out across Twitter, Snap, Spotify and Global’s digital products, driving increased digital video advertising reach and engagement. Offering a mobile-first, six-second video ad format, the new short-form video product is the first of its kind to offer a solution outside of YouTube and Facebook, opening up programmatic opportunities across Twitter, Snap, Spotify, and Global.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) verification is now available for Snapchat inventory. Following a successful six-month beta, IAS now offers advertisers viewability and ad fraud measurement solutions to employ across their Snapchat in-app video buys. The IAS integration provides critical campaign metrics, including percentage of fraudulent views, percentage of in-view ads, and percentage of completed views, offering brands the transparency needed to verify quality and effectiveness.

IAS also released its bi-annual Media Quality Report for H1 2018. The report highlights brand safety, ad fraud, viewability, and time-in-view trends for programmatic and publisher direct advertising across display, video, mobile web, and in-app advertising. The report highlights the impact each buying channels has on quality and risk. Direct buys have traditionally led to higher viewability and that remains true on average, however, programmatic viewability continues to improve and is beginning to reach parity with direct inventory sources. The full report can be downloaded here.

Unbounce and Taboola announced a strategic partnership to make it easier for small businesses to succeed, driving acquisitions at scale. Unbounce is one of the leading landing page and conversion platforms and the strategic partnership helps improve landing pages, convert more traffic, and optimise campaigns.  

Taboola also partnered with Axel Springer this month, in a move that will significantly increase user engagement for the publisher. The partnership will also support promotion of BILD’s paid content offers and the monetisation of its content marketing campaigns. Launching on 1st October, Taboola’s recommendation technology will be implemented across all of Axel Springer’s digital offerings including, BILD, AUTO BILD, COMPUTER BILD, SPORT BILD, B.Z. and all BILD.

Sublime has launched a dynamic new look as well as a new positioning. The global high-impact advertising marketplace that creates and delivers premium ad experiences that perform, was previously known as Sublime Skinz. The launch of its new name, brand, tagline, and website is aligned with its repositioning that connects creativity with performance and direct response for enhanced brand experiences.

ADmantX, the leading provider of semantic-based solutions for contextual advertising and first party audience profiling, announced the launch of its new Planning and Reporting solution. The complete analytical toolkit enables advertisers to obtain the detailed contextual data required for selecting relevant and brand safe digital media, helping verify bought inventory. Providing a multidimensional view of inventory content using advanced contextual semantic technology, advertisers can garner deeper insights, enabling them to generate highly granular data to inform buying choices. The new reporting solution will offer detailed analysis of traffic for specific URLs, ultimately allowing advertisers to rapidly pinpoint the contextual elements for effective campaign delivery and brand safety trends; thereby gaining valuable data that will inform more precise modelling for the future.