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Acast acquires podcast database Podchaser: The Media Roundup

Acast acquires podcast database Podchaser

It looks like consolidation in the podcast market is alive and well, with Acast announcing plans to acquire podcast database Podchaser. The deal initially values Podchaser at more than $27 million, but that could rise if Podchaser meets certain “performance conditions.”

Acast is a podcast host and distribution platform; Podchaser is a bit like IMDb for podcasts, letting users search for podcasts and read and post reviews. This deal aligns well with Acast’s open-access approach to podcasting and could improve podcast discoverability for users. But this could also be about supporting advertising.

As a consumer-search platform, Podchaser holds valuable data points on potential audience demographics, consumption and reach. With targeted advertising set to play an important part in podcast revenue growth, this looks like a very smart acquisition for Acast.

4 charts reveal how Facebook traffic to publishers has changed

Adweek has published four charts that show Facebook is a ‘critical but declining’ source of traffic referrals for publishers. The platform’s strategic withdrawal from publisher content means news now constitutes about 4% of the content in users’ feeds. Adweek shows web traffic peaked in 2020, but has been declining ever since, with Facebook referrals and engagement on the platform continuing to fall.

Local publisher hopes to ‘revolutionise’ regional media with membership model

The owner of Gloucestershire website SoGlos has launched a membership model it claims could “revolutionise” regional media. The free membership allows members to create lists of interests and save stories. SoGlos plans to use member data to target readers with personalised content and give advertisers greater insight when targeting audiences. Not sure this is a revolution, but as an ad-funded, post third-party cookie play, it’s worth a look.

Huge Hollywood-style ‘Beanotown’ sign unveiled in Dundee

Publisher goals! Imagine being such an iconic brand that the local council in the place you call home puts a big white Hollywood-style sign on the hill above the city. The six-metre high ‘Beanotown’ sign has been put up to coincide with the Dundee Summer (Bash) Streets Festival which celebrates the city’s comic and publishing heritage. Nice one chums!

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