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70% UK publishers look at video content as top priority for 2019

Videos have a compelling way of stimulating engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. Video content is among the more effective tactics for getting exposure to a brand, as well as generating revenue.

A Hubspot study found that 83% of consumers would consider sharing videos with their friends if it is specific to their interests. The study also highlighted that video significantly increased the time spent on websites. Another study conducted by Wistia revealed that people spent 2.6 times more time on websites with video than those without.

Increasingly popular and highly engaging format

Video is such an engaging format, as we know. As more and more video is being consumed on social and mobile, it is a great medium and platform to actually get that message across, not only with our brand but also with our advertisers’ brand.

Adam Ochman, Vice President, Content and Strategy, The Foundry, a visual effects software development company

Ooyala’s Q2 2018 Global Video Index Report states that mobile video plays accounted for 62% of all online videos, a rise of 9.8% compared to the same period a year ago. Globally, video starts on smartphones topped 50% for the first time, marking mobile as the platform of choice for video worldwide.

This is an incredibly exciting time in the market right now with changes to TV and online video. One of the trends we’ll continue to see is video adapting to the platforms that are getting the eyeballs. The publishers that are able to do that are the publishers that are going to win.

Jason Lidofsky, Executive Director of Video Sales, Time Inc. 

30% expected revenue growth from mobile consumption

British publishers including News UK, the Telegraph, Hearst UK and Buzzfeed UK surveyed for the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018 believed that revenue from mobile and video would grow by almost 30%.

Around 60% of the UK publishers surveyed said video, mobile and sponsored (aka native) content ad formats were key to the success of their businesses while 70% said that video content would be a top priority for their business in 2019.

The pending arrival of next-gen 5G wireless networks is going to supercharge mobile video views even further, just as 4G marked the first time that it was even a reliable option for consumers.

Content that speaks to the audience

Video can provide publishers with highly engaged audiences; however, the content must be high quality relative to the target audience. If publishers focus on the stories they’re telling in their videos and not on hitting a certain number of views, the views will come.

Jerry Leu, Video Director for Time Inc.’s Real Simple says, “Although people really emphasize production quality and the cameras you want to use in terms of video, cool graphics or what not, we’re actually seeing more that people care more about content.

Being able to leverage talent from your writing team or your editorial team to do these great ideas, and then being able to find and have a video team that’s able to collaborate and work with the editorial team is when you’re going to have the best content out there.

Developing a digital style for your brand and above all, knowing your audience, is critical. It’s really about, ‘Does this really speak to our audience, or are we just trying to get videos out?’”