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4 keys to building an analytics-driven editorial team

The B2B publishing industry is surrounded by analytics. From site metric tools to lead-gen platforms to ad analytics tools to advanced business intelligence products, we have a plethora of data flowing our way. If used right, this data can help us make decisions, understand usage, and ensure that we are truly meeting the needs of our marketing partners and audience.

But, the key word in that last sentence is the word “if.” I’ve had countless discussions over the years focused on this simple word. Most executives know that we have a ton of analytic tools at our disposal, but these same executives wonder “if” these tools are actually being used.

The one department where the question comes up the most is in the editorial groups. And for good reason. While more and more editors are leveraging analytics to their fullest, there are an equal amount of editors and editorial teams that see analytics as a nice to have and don’t truly leverage analytics to help improve engagement with their audience.

So how do you turn your traditional editorial team into an analytics-driven operation? Here are some tips that will help put you on the right path.

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