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4 adtech trends publishers need to know in 2018

Advertising has seen a massive shift in recent years. Agencies are already capitalising on the emerging trends in mobile computing, smartphone technology and social media in ways we never thought possible. And it’s only going to continue. Faster.

Here are the four key adtech trends that publishers need to know this year:

1. Header bidding

Header bidding uses hidden website coding to ensure the highest possible pricing for the best online ad spots. It’s an alternative to the model used by the Google DoubleClick platform — but it’s already gaining a lot of traction amongst tech-savvy digital advertisers. Despite its effectiveness, only 12 percent of top websites currently use the technology.

One brand, Livingly Media, uses header bidding to bolster revenue and reduce ad discrepancies. Its partnership with Sovrn has already doubled its profitability — and the entire framework was set up, tested and fully implemented in less than 72 hours.

2. Purchase intelligence

Proactive advertisers use purchase intelligence to reach consumers in new and innovative ways. Bank of America currently uses Cardilytics — one of the most popular purchase intelligence platforms to date — to provide targeted advertising through online and mobile channels.

Because of its scale and view across multiple data sets, the company claims it can identify with more certainty consumers who are likeliest to buy based on their purchase histories – and measure the actual sales impact of a media campaign.

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