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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Google accused of ‘stealing publisher traffic’, why China is the world’s largest contributor to new ad dollars, and more…

How UK publishers are making media pay

This week, we were out and about at two publisher events in London. Both events – the first hosted by Sovrn at Centaur Media, and the second the inaugural 2020Publishing conference at Olympia – examined how publishers could maximise and diversify revenue streams.

It was heartening seeing so many publishers expand out of their core competencies and succeed. The chief takeaway? No matter how well you think you know your audience, there’s always more you can learn by asking them the right questions, and this is where the opportunities for new revenue lie.

Staying on the topic of diversifying revenue streams, early next week we will be launching 50 Ways to Make Media Pay, a special report written by Damian Radcliffe. Keep an eye on our website for further details.


As tweetstorm rages over search giant “stealing publisher traffic,” Google admits “It is a front-line concern”

Over the weekend, Cyrus Shepard tweeted a screenshot of a search result from Google. Instead of any links to publisher sources, all it showed was some detailed information using Google’s featured snippets, without any indication about the source of the content. 

What’s new this week

What news readers really want to read about: Reuters study
Relevance is a key driver in consumer decision-making on news content. Ultimately, perceived relevance determines whether consumers end up engaging with a particular news story.
Diverse habits of news consumers, from Bloomberg research
Bloomberg Media’s innovation department, BHIVE, recently revealed the results of a study into the habits of different types of news consumers.
China: Key facts you need to know about the world’s second-largest economy
China remains the world’s largest contributor to new ad dollars. Its $90 billion ad market is second only to the US and has doubled since 2010. 
Video consumption to increase dramatically, with mobile traffic poised to reach 1 trillion GB
According to the Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, annual global mobile data traffic will reach almost one zettabyte by the end of 2022.
“Publishers are getting a raw deal”: Path to a profitable revenue ecosystem on the web
Mozilla announced a new anti-tracking strategy, including new restrictions on third-party cookies that will make it harder to track users across websites.

“You can’t fight alone”: 10 top French publishers get behind a unified login system

French media companies have formed an alliance to collaborate on a common tech platform that will allow users to access their websites through a unified login system. The participating companies have pooled resources and €5 million ($5.7 million) in funding to build an independent, common technology infrastructure that all the publishers in the alliance can use.

Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint on the great challenge of the Duopoly
Jason Kint talks about why the Duopoly has skewed the playing field for digital publishers, and why it is vital that Google and Facebook can be held accountable for a lack of transparency.
As video revenues grow, Hearst looks to capitalize with Clevver Media acquisition
As publishers maneuver through the challenges posed by digitization, many are building on their strengths and brand value to evolve in new directions. 
PwC research on viewer motivations and the cord-cutting revolution
PwC’s new report, A new video world order, studies consumers’ relationship with video content to develop five new motivation-based consumer profiles.
Apple News Magazines: the sticking points
No matter what you might like to call it, Apple’s plans to launch a premium version of Apple News to include a large bundle of magazine content remains controversial. 
From the frontlines: 3 major trends from The Alexa Conference 2019
Three big trends came out of The Alexa Conference that publishers of all types and sizes should be aware of.

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