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Google’s retirement of DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) is a blessing in disguise for publishers

Despite the fact that change can be hard, Google’s retirement of DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) is a blessing in disguise for publishers. DSM’s sales management and booking workflow tools were simply not generating enough profit, so Google’s options were to invest in the product or cut it. And cut it they did. As of July 31, 2019, DSM will be removed from service.

DSM has become a legacy product — a digital solution built to manage digital advertising, but one which has not evolved to keep pace with the needs of modern media sales. Due to Google’s lack of investment in product development, DSM has not kept up with current sales practices and has no ability to sell any non-digital or non-Google products.

So, where does that leave a media company using DSM? In a good place. This is an opportunity to organize as a true multi-channel media business by selecting a replacement for DSM that does so much more.

Start with a replacement for digital order management to enhance your digital sales, operations and finance processes, and improve efficiency. And at the same time, look for a system that gives you modern multi-channel sales, booking, and finance capabilities.

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