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MPA President urges publishers to remember their fundamental value

Publishing luminary Bob Sacks spoke with The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) president and CEO Linda Thomas Brooks about the upcoming American Magazine Media Conference (AMMC), which will be held on February 6th in New York City, as well as her views on the future of magazine publishing.

In this interview, Brooks shares what she believes magazine publishers are doing well — such as providing brand safe environments for advertisers and delivering impactful marketing messages — and how they can better market these skills to prospective clients.

We are just about a month away from the 2018 American Magazine Media Conference. In this evolving era of magazine media what’s top of mind as you prepare?

Two things are on my mind. First, we need — together as an industry — to continue to explore new ideas and opportunities. Second, but perhaps more importantly, we need to celebrate what is good about our industry. We seem to be really good at beating ourselves up and we need to remember, especially in this age of disruption, our fundamental values to marketers and to consumers.

There are some sectors in our industry that are doing very well and some that are still facing grave challenges. Will you spend a lot of time addressing the challenges in the magazine media industry as well as the successes?

Sure, we will talk about the challenges, but we will spend more time talking about the opportunities and what makes magazine media different. What makes it better. We talk to each other a lot about how difficult things are, but guess what — every business is challenged these days. I worked many years in the auto industry. Think they aren’t being disrupted? The movie and television industries are completely rethinking how they reach audiences and make money. So yes, we will acknowledge where we can do better, but we will also dive into what is working so that we can build on it.

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