How sentiment analysis could boost programmatic advertising

Online advertising is easy to ignore. In fact, Proctor & Gamble recently found that only 20% of its online ads were viewed for more than 2 seconds, the minimum standard for viewability according to the Media Rating Council. Ad viewability and resonance are huge problems that many advertisers and publishers have struggled to remedy. One answer, according to DailyMail’s U.S. director of programmatic sales Patrick Dignan, could be sentiment analysis.

“Advertising has always been about the emotional connect,” explained Dignan, during an interview at the 2017 FUSE Media Summit. “It’s why TV advertising has always been so successful.” He thinks that sentiment analysis tools like Centiment, which competed in and won the Startup Derby competition at FUSE Media, can help make emotion-driven programmatic ads a reality.

Using artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis tools can help publishers and advertisers understand how consumers react to certain topics. Media companies can use those insights to deliver more poignant marketing messengers to consumers.

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