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We’re still here: media buyers keep the print faith

The magazine industry collectives may not want us to count ad pages anymore (or even ask about them), but surely they’re still here. For the last decade, print ad budgets seemed like an unlocked vault from which digital budgets could steal.

As we’ve covered every new digital channel—social, video, mobile and even rich media (remember that?), we routinely asked media buyers where they expected to reallocate funds from their zero-sum budgets. Depressingly, “print” was the first and almost gleeful reply from a new digerati who saw bloated page rates as the soft underbelly of ad budgets.

Alas, they were right.

Regardless, advertisers and agencies do retain faith in print as a medium—and especially in the print media brands that have built sometimes generations of trust with their readers that go beyond the page. We asked a couple buyers why they’re still here. In other words, why do they still believe in magazines?

Beyond Scale

“There are certain categories where print investment is still quite strong and delivering great programs and results for our clients,” Ginger Taylor White, EVP, Managing Director, Publishing Investment at Amplifi tells Folio:. “Specifically, CPG, food, pharma and auto brands continue to spend in print and are gaining positive ROIs.”

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