Print is still very much alive at Bauer Media Group

It’s been a rather tumultuous year for magazine media, to say the least. With so many consumers reading content on digital platforms, it appears that many publishers are reducing print frequencies or altogether shutting print editions of magazines to focus on digital initiatives and cut costs.

While most publishers seem to be drifting away from print, Bauer Media Group is doing just the opposite. In 2018, the media giant is not only continuing its print editions, but also increasing frequencies for four of its titles, with Life & Style slated to rise from 51 to 53 issues, and Closer, In Touch and Woman’s World from 52 to 53 issues.

“Bauer earns a positive margin on every issue from single copy sales,” Bauer CEO Steven Kotok (pictured) tells Folio:. “So the more issues we publish, the more money we earn, unlike an ad-dependent model in which fewer ads each year are spread over the same number of issues.”

Kotok explains that Bauer’s “absolute focus” on the reader is what sets its titles apart from other magazines on the newsstands.

“Not only does Bauer lead the industry in total unit sales, we also lead the industry in percentage of our own revenue earned from reader purchase decisions at retail,” he explains. “The level of focus we have on satisfying that reader and activating that retail purchase is unparalleled and undiluted by other considerations.”

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