Did the IAB UK just save advertising — from itself?

Just a day after its figures, with PwC, showed that the humble banner is flatlining and that the biggest growth in display is when it crosses over into mobile and video, the IAB UK has a shot in the arm for the industry.

It has unveiled a Gold Standard in digital advertising this morning with the initial backing of 23 of its board members. The bureau goes to some length to point out this includes Facebook and Google, but other familiar huge names include Oath (AOL and Yahoo), Trinity Mirror, News UK, Bauer, The Telegraphand The Guardian, plus a range of ad-tech vendors.

These companies have committed to reach the IAB UK’s Gold Standard by ticking three boxes. They will reduce fraud through the ads.txt initiative, ditch the 12 “bad” ad formats listed by the Coalition for Better Ads and work to brand safety certification via cross-industry standards group, JICWEBS. In short, publishers will become safer and less prone to fraud, and they will make surfing a better experience for end users.

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