Ad buyers assessing publishers’ ad blocking measures before placing campaigns

Vibrant Media and AOP to present new best practice guide on how to limit ad blocking on 1st November 2017, at AOP’s Inside Out Digital Publishing Convention

The vast majority of ad buyers and planners say they now assess whether publishers are taking action to prevent ad blocking before buying ad inventory, according to new research from LEAN contextual ad companyVibrant Media. Nearly one in three ad buyers (31.25 per cent) always assess this and most (62.51 per cent) do this assessment from time-to-time. Only 6.25 per cent of ad buyers and planners say this is not an issue for them. The new ad blocking assessments are a response to the reduction of audience sizes and restrictions to ad reach caused by ad blocking. Recent figures suggest nearly two-fifths of UK publisher page views (39 per cent) suffer from ad blocking.

This research suggests, however, that ad buyers experience a lack of awareness amongst publishers for the sort of actions they can actually take to limit ad blocking. Nearly all ad buyers (93.75 per cent) support the idea of a publishing industry trade body producing a best practice guide to help their members combat ad blocking.

Most ad buyers (53.17 per cent) support a coordinated day of action whereby publishers will dedicate their homepage to the importance and benefits of digital advertising on their website. More than two-fifths of ad buyers (40.63 per cent) go further than this, saying that a body of publishers should work together so that consumers have no alternative but to accept ads from all members of that body to access content for free.

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